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Key stats


Three mounded steel tanks, each 55m in length and almost 16.5m in diameter, making them the largest land-based pressurised LPG tanks constructed to date.


The capacity of the Mer Rouge Terminal. It holds enough inventory to keep Mauritius and many of the Southern Indian Ocean islands supplied with LPG.


Floating storage vessels.

With one of the world’s highest LPG consumption levels per capita, Mauritius is entirely dependent on reliable, timely deliveries of gas to keep its households, hotels and businesses running, particularly given its remote location in the Southern Indian Ocean, 2,000km off the coast of the continent. The opening of our strategic supply hub in Mer Rouge created a ‘buffer’ inventory of LPG, not only for Mauritius but also its dependency Rodrigues and the islands of Réunion, Seychelles and many others.

Petredec first deployed a permanent floating storage to the Southern Indian Ocean in 2006 to keep pace with regional demand. The benefit was instant – more cargoes were delivered to customers across the region from Mombasa to Port Elizabeth and to islands including Maldives, Seychelles and Réunion.

Although we have augmented our supply system with land-based storage, we still operate floating storage vessels (typically a VLGC with 45,000mts capacity) to guarantee our customers security of supply. Even with the realisation of our latest projects, we still envisage seasonal opportunities for floating storages to help manage spikes in demand.

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